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komasen is a community for the relationship - romantic or friendship - between Cpt. Komamura Sajin of division seven and Cpt. Tousen Kaname of division nine who are from the animanga Bleach. Created mainly for fans to post things on this hard to find pairing, so anything from general discussions to fanart to fanfics are welcome.
With all of the other communities here on ellejay, this one has a basic set;

-Please keep everything here Komamura x Tousen based. There are plenty of other communities out there for all other things Bleach.
-Large images, spoilers, and full stories should be placed under a lj-cut. And in instances of mature art/writing, please properly label your entry along with the lj-cut.
-Flaming will not be tolerated. You are forewarned. [ Yes, this is a furry pairing, and I will breathe fire moreso than usual to those who flame for that reason only. ]
The mod and creator of this community is fonz, and she will accept more.

Other Bleach communities include soul_society, kurosaki_clinic, and a whole buch I'm too lazy to post right now.

--komasen is affiliated with: smoking_bleach, asterisk_plus, yo_ur. Want to be affiliated? Contact fonz ( e-mail listed in her userinfo ) for now.